School Supply Lists for 2024-2025

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Families, you now have 2 options in purchasing school supply kits. 

  • Order online from School Start.  For your convenience supplies will be sent directly to your home.  The lists have a Starter Package (base package) as well as Additional Items Required. The additional items are required by each teacher; they include items such as pencil cases, sharpeners, and calculators.  These products do not need to be purchased on a year-to-year basis if you already have them.

To order, families can go directly to School Start and click on the following:

– Parents Shop Here
– Purchase School Supply Kits
– Select Province, then City, then School
– Click “Here to Purchase”
– Lastly, click on your child’s grade and proceed from there

Remember, with School Start’s online ordering option you can purchase parts of the additional section if your child already has supplies that are in good order from a previous year – please save money and the environment. 
If you order early, you will be entered in one or more contests!

If you have any questions, please contact School Start’s Customer Service Department:
Email:  |  Phone: 1-800-580-1868

  • Purchase Locally

Families also have the option to print off school supply lists and purchase items locally.  Below are specific grade level supply lists. 

2023-2024 Supply Lists by Grade. Please scroll down each page to find the supply list.
Kindergarten (A & B)
Grade 1 (A & B)
Grade 2 (A)
Grade 2 (B)
Grade 3 (A & B)
Grade 4 (A & B)
Grade 5 (A & B)
Grade 6 (A)
Grade 6 (B)
Grade 7 (A & B)

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