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Our Schools

Faith and Excellence in Catholic Education

Grades: Preschool, K-9

Principal: Mrs. Kathy Korman

Grades: Preschool, K-7

Principal: Mr. Keefer Pollard

Grades: 8-12

880 McKenzie Avenue
Victoria, BC V8X 3G5

Phone: (250) 479-1414
Fax: (250) 479-5356

Principal: Mr. Glen Palahicky

Grades: K-7

Principal: Mrs. Deanne Paulson

Grades: Preschool, K-7

Principal: Mrs. Rachelle Warman


Catholic schools in British Columbia offer academic programs from kindergarten to grade 12, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

In addition, diocesan approved programs of Religious Studies and Christian Family Life complement the BC Ministry of Education curriculum. Schools are well equipped to meet the many demands of a fast-changing society.

English Language Arts



Social Studies

Physical & Health Education

Career Education

Career Education (K-9); Career-life Education and Career-life Connection (Gr 10-12)

Applied Skills

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST)


Arts Education (Art, Drama, Music/Band, Dance)

Second Languages

For more information, please refer to the BC Curriculum on the Ministry of Education’s webpages.

Religious Education at Island Catholic Schools

Our Island Catholic Schools are a vital extension of this Mission of the Church to be and proclaim the Good News to a wounded world.

The Catholic Church exists to evangelize with mercy and joy.   Our Island Catholic Schools are an integral component of the Church called to proclaim the Good News to a wounded world.  Jesus Christ is this message and remains the heart and center of our schools. The ICS religious education curriculum is aligned with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (CCCB) criteria for catechesis from infancy to age eighteen to provide clear learning outcomes and clear indicators of student development.  The approved resource for grades one through eight is Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ published by Pearson. It reflects the content of the faith expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and follows the rationale and methodology of the Directory for Catechesis.  The Kindergarten program resource is currently In God’s Image, Born of the Spirit (CCCB).  A locally developed Interim Program based on the CCCB criteria and the Born of the Spirit resource is used for grades nine to twelve.

Island Catholic Schools aims to integrate and permeate faith in all aspects of school life and in all subject areas.  The whole person, in their unique experience of life, is formed in the knowledge of the faith, joins in the celebration of the sacraments and liturgy, grows in living moral teachings based on the ten commandments, learns to be of missionary service to others, and develops in personal and communal prayer. All of this formation inspires students to become their best selves, committed citizens and dedicated disciples of God who radiate the joy of faith.

Peace in Christ,

– Gwen Jahelka, B.Ed, M.R.E.
Director - Office of Faith Formation & Evangelization
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