Stewards of the Environment

Almost 400 students, aides, teachers, priests, bishop and secretaries stepped out of their regular schedule to plant two potatoes apiece in the Masithuthu Garden last week, growing food for the benefit or our greater community. Grade 3 students acted as leaders of the day by bringing students from their classroom, hosting and welcoming all under the bright sunshine of the day. Ngiyabonga (thank you in Zulu) to all involved.

Now we wait while the magic of new life happens. We will be waiting about 14 days for the plants to begin sprouting.

Over the summer months, should you be in Grade 4-7 and would like to spend and hour or two per week doing some weeding with us, we would greatly appreciate the help and enjoy the company. It may not be glamorous work, but it’s outside, in the fresh air and sunshine. You’ll learn something about growing potatoes, work alongside bees and other insects from a respectful distance and perhaps discover some hidden talents of your own.

We’ll get you a prized Masithuthu Crew t-shirt, and at the end of the summer, providing you have volunteered at least 3 times with us, we will also provide an awesome letter of reference – I promise!

If you are curious about what we do, check us out on the web.

Please contact Jamie Zwicker if you would like to volunteer and/or to learn more.

Below is a photo of the successful harvest from September 2023

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